KIMONO Gallery "TAIZOH" located in Ginza, Tokyo, is the exclusive retail outlet for the finest hand crafted KIMONO created at <SOME-NO-JURAKU Co., Ltd.>of Kyoto, Japan. As purveyors of one of the most important aspects of traditional Japanese culture, which is the antenna shop, usher in the industry, it has become increasingly important to showcase to a wider audience the fine art of traditional KIMONO making.

Since its inception, SOME-NO-JURAKU Co., Ltd. has been making genuine KIMONO using only the finest quality material and the best in craftsmanship in name of TAIZOH 50 years or more. Each one of our highly-prized piece features a unique, one-of-a-kind design, which is meticulously crafted entirely by hand. The exquisite embroidery used the finest threads delicately, performed a long time effort by only the most skilled and experienced craftspeople in our company, and our body of work represents feats in hand crafted embroidery unparalleled in this world.

In recent various environmental changes, however, considering the current situation with very few young heirs while aging of highly skilled workman engaged to sell and make authentic KIMONO, it becomes considerably difficult in the future to produce and sell the KIMONO that requires experienced craftsmanship.

We must make utmost effort to pass the techniques down to the generations so that we preserve great Japanese tradition and culture. A lot of reforms are needed for that, and our shop established it as the part in the heart of Tokyo to provide an opportunity for people around the world to see up close the products of the most exquisite craftsmanship available in the world today.
And it aims for many people who love KIMONO to convey our feeling directly and to provide various services from our professional point of view.

At TAIZOH, we offer consulting services for all your KIMONO needs, whether it is in coordinating your look for a certain special occasion or in caring your personal KIMONO collection. Please come in to Gallery TAIZOH to see some examples of our artwork in person.

The masterpiece and the hallmark of TAIZOH's KIMONO, Kuro-Tomesode (black colored formal wear), Iro-Tomesode (various colored formal wear), Homongi (visiting wear), Furisode (long-sleeved dress), our original specialties, …etc, are always being displayed in our shop.

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